If I had to choose the yearbook theme for next year, it would be..

If I could choose the yearbook theme for next year I think I would choose something similar to the theme we had for yearbook for this year. I like the idea of a super hero comic book theme and it made me realize where I could find awesome ideas for a year book theme. I realized where everyone was getting ideas for the theme when I heard the super hero theme and the I SPY or Wheres Waldo theme. I realized they are getting it from old books that were fun to read. It made me think of other book we could use as a theme for the year book theme. I think it would be cool if we did a theme that is from one of the books that explains whats inside an object. I think we could take a student to talk about and then write down what he does and use it like a schematic just like in those books that use a schematic to explain how something works. I think it would also be tight if we had a theme that had a sidebar next to it that if you pressed a button it would make a certain sound and have writing with pictures to tell you when to press a button to add sound effects to the year book. I think this idea would be the least possible thought because number one its probably expensive to do and requires technology the company that makes the yearbook does not have. I think the second issue is that it is also really childish and would be hard to pull off. I think the schematic theme for the yearbook would be the best because it wouldn’t be that hard to pull off and inexpensive.

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